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We'll take you to the next level of show experience

Imagine a whole new way of displaying an emotion, a message, …

Create a moving light-matrix in the sky… yes! the sky is not the limit here…

Cities & Public events


Looking for something NEW and diffrent for nye celebrations?

This could be exactly what you are looking for.

Counting down to the new year with a Drone Show for your citizens, can be combined with music, lasers, effects and more.

Festivals & Branding

Want to give your visitors / clients something extra?

Give your Festival or corporate event more visibility by putting your logo behind the stage, or end your festive day with a Custom Drone Show?



Do you want to do something Extra on your special day?

Mark your special day by putting it among the stars With a Drone Light Show

Matrix Drone Shows can Sparkle the love in the sky with fitting drone animations like hearts, rings, names, for any marriage.



Matrix drone shows is the new born child of Art Of Confusion and 7theaven. As specialised companies we provided numerous shows with sound, light and special effects. With this technology we want to push it even further than the existing knowledge.

Matrix droneshows is very proud to announce that we are the first Belgian drone show company that has an operating permit in the category ” specific “. Our drones meet the highest safety standards available. Lightweight and small for safety but still very effective and this with a high LED light output . We as , Matrix droneshows, only use the best materials for communication, safety and design software what is available on the market.
If you need more information don’t hesitate to contact us or drop us a line on : 0032(3)411.28.75. We are glad to help you to assist you for a next level drone show experience.

Outdoor lighting drones

Drone shows (also known as drone display or drone light show) is the use of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles(drones), often quadcopters, flying in a coordinated fashion with light fixtures attached. They are  equipped with multiple LED, and the display held at night.

Indoor & low altitude lighting drones

Matrix droneshows proudly presents in – & Outdoor low-altitude lighting drones. Our new lighting drones can be used in any indoor venue & outdoors where GPS based drones can’t fly like stadiums, tennis courts,… Matrix droneshows has now a solution for every situation..



 A drone-lightshow is as least as impressive as a fireworks-show, without the pollution and noise. The great advantages of working with drones are the  very small footprint on the environment (0%), you can unlock all your  creativity.

Matrix_Icons_Artboard 1

Highly customizable

Matrix_Icons_Artboard 1 copy

Environmentally safe

Matrix_Icons_Artboard 1 copy 2

Works in different conditions


Centrally controlled

All drones get their show onboard and will act as an individual part in the show but they remain in contact with the central groundstation.
There’s a constant monitoring of each drone when the’re airborne.

A drone show at your event?

A drone show is the sustainable alternative to traditional fireworks to blow your visitors away – without noise.

A drone show is suited for…


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Ready to schedule a drone show?